Tuesday, 15 October 2013

JavaScript Makers: How JS Is Helping Drive the Maker Movement

I spend my days writing a lot of JavaScript, and helping companies deliver ambitious UX focused applications to the web. I author books on the subject, blog, and speak at conferences as often as I can.
I work for frog, a product design firm, that for the last forty years has been helping increase the profiles of brands like Sony and Apple through iconic design.
I work within a culture that has deep roots into the Maker Movement; A culture that was making before the Maker Movement was cool, the "original makers" if you will. Written upon our walls and slide decks is the tag, 'Love What You Make', and as you might expect many of the frogs that sit around me are craftsfolk, DIYourselfers, and tinkerers. It is not uncommon to see a flying quadcopter, a mesh sensor network of Arduinos, 3D printed prototypes, explorations in next generation gesture with the Leap Motion and Kinect, video production, motion studies, 3D modeling, along with the standard artistic mood boards and web and native mobile application wireframes. Let's just say there is no shortage of creativity across every medium imaginable. 

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